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Yearbook for Traditional Music Vol 55 (2023) published in two issues

The latest volume of the Yearbook for Traditional Music (Vol 55/2023) has now been published in two issues. The Table of Contents for each issue is available below. Hardcopies have been sent to all members who were in good standing between 1 January and 31 December 2023. Electronic versions of the issues can be accessed online via Cambridge Core, where you can also preview a selection of articles and reviews from forthcoming issues.

VOLUME 55 (2023) ISSUE 1

General Editor’s Preface
Lonán Ó Briain


Affective Aspirations of Musical Diplomacy at the Bicentennial Celebration of Brazilian Independence in Lisbon
Andrew Snyder

Songs to Revitalise Community Solidarity Among the Indigenous Mah Meri of Malaysia
Clare Suet Ching Chan

Evading National Identity: On Translocal Irish Folk Music in Austria
Felix Morgenstern

Book Reviews

Performing Environmentalisms: Expressive Culture and Ecological Change
Nancy Guy

Film/Video Reviews

SanDance!: A Journey to the Heart of Africa’s San Dance Culture
Frank Gunderson

Bulang Music. From the Mountains to the Stars 布朗音乐从高山到星星
Wang Yang

Crossing Over the Arirang Pass: Zainichi Korean Music
Zhiyi Qiaoqiao Cheng

Audio Reviews

Digging in the Crates with Analog Africa
Corey Harris

Multimedia Reviews

Ya Lalla: Jewish Saharans Singing to Birth and Past and Present Musical Encounters Across the Strait of Gibraltar: Ya Lalla: A Sonic & Visual Spotlight on Women’s Resistance and Celebrations of Transmission
Samantha M. Cooper

Journal of Audiovisual Ethnomusicology (JAVEM)
Basile Koechlin

VOLUME 55 (2023) ISSUE 2

Guest Editors’ Preface
Susana Sardo, Kati Szego and Ana Flávia Miguel


Memory, Knowledge, and Experience: North Koreans in Britain reflect on the music and dance of their distant homeland.
Keith Howard and Cholong Sung

A History of Chinese Musical Instrument Education in Toronto
Yao Cui

Un violador en tu camino: An artistic intervention against patriarchal injustice in Chile
Giorgia Pinzauti

Gangbe in Badagry, Nigeria: Ogu Women’s Performance Practice, Social Status, and Creative Agency
Joseph Kunnuji

Between war, politics and “something nice back home”: Uncovering the first Mozambican experiences within the “World Music” market (1987-1994)
Marco Roque de Freitas

Entre guerra, política e “uma visão positiva lá de casa”: Descortinando as primeiras experiências moçambicanas na senda da World Music (1987-1994)
Marco Roque de Freitas

Mariachi Musicians and Collective Grief During the COVID Pandemic in Southern California
Jessie Vallejo

Book Reviews

D'Amico, Leonardo. Audiovisual Ethnomusicology: Filming Musical Cultures
Frank Gunderson

Erlmann, Veit. Lion’s Share: Remaking South African Copyright
Cara Stacey

Harris, Amanda, Linda Barwick and Jakelin Troy. Music, Dance and the Archive
Brian Diettrich

Audio Reviews

"There's a great human story to be told": The music and practices of Ostinato Records
Jim Hickson

Genre-bending explorations and remediations: a curated dive into Nyege Nyege Tapes
Basile Koechlin

Film/Video Reviews

Home Coming: The Ethnography of Dong (Kam) People’s New Year “Chun Jie” in Xiaohuang Village (Huí Jiā: Dòngzú Xiǎohuáng Cūn Chūnjié Līsú Zhì)
George Mürer