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ICTMD Article Prize

Submission Criteria and Guidelines

The International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance Article Prize is awarded annually for an exceptional article. The article may have appeared in any scholarly journal (including the Yearbook for Traditional Music) or edited volume. The article should represent outstanding scholarship and make a significant contribution to the ICTMD’s mission: “To promote research, documentation, safeguarding, and sustainability of music, dance, and related performing arts, taking into account the diversity of cultural practices, past and present, and scholarly traditions worldwide.”

Criteria: Articles must be published in English within the previous two calendar years. Authors (or at least one of the co-authors) must be current ICTMD members. Only one article by the same author (or co-author) will be considered in a given year, and no article will be considered more than once. Members of the Prize Committee or Subcommittee may not submit articles for which they are the author or a co-author.

Submission Process: Submissions/nominations must be received by 1 March, accompanied by a brief statement (not more than 200 words) explaining why the article is worthy of being awarded the Prize. The article and statement must be submitted in PDF format to

Administration: The Prize Committee, in consultation with the Executive Board, will appoint a Subcommittee to evaluate the submissions. The winner of the previous year's Prize will be invited to join the next year's Subcommittee.

Award: The winner will receive a certificate and a two-year ICTMD membership or an equivalent travel subsidy to attend an ICTMD event. Prize winners will be announced at the World Conference or in the summer of a non-conference year.

Past recipients of the ICTMD Article Prize



  • Heather MacLachlan. 2022. “Music and Incitement to Violence: Anti-Muslim Hate Music in Burma/Myanmar.” Ethnomusicology 66/3:410-42
  • Richard K. Wolf. 2021. "The Musical Poetry of Endangered Languages: Kota and Wakhi Poem-Songs in South and Central Asia." Oral Tradition 35/1:103-66

Honourable mentions

  • Ying-Fen Wang. 2021. “Resounding Colonial Taiwan through Historical Recordings: Some Methodological Reflections.” In Resounding Taiwan: Musical Reverberations Across a Vibrant Island, edited by Nancy Guy
  • Sean Williams. 2022. “Poetry Writing as Transgressive Ethnography.” Ethnomusicology 66/3:361-77

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  • Evrim Hikmet Öğüt. 2021. “The Short History of Syrian Street Music in Istanbul: Challenges and Potentials.” Music and Minorities 1:1–28

Honourable mentions

  • Kati Szego. 2021. “Kinetic Songscapes: Intersensorial Listening to Hula Ku'i Songs.” In Perspectives in Motion: Engaging the Visual in Dance and Music, edited by Kendra Stepputat and Brian Diettrich, pp. 19–40. New York: Berghahn Books.
  • Andrew N Weintraub. 2021. "The Act of Singing: Women, Music, and the Politics of Truth and Reconciliation in Indonesia." Yearbook for Traditional Music 53:1–44.

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  • Marcia Ostashewski, Shaylene Johnson, Graham Marshall, and Clifford Paul. “Fostering Reconciliation through Collaborative Research in Unama’ki: Engaging Communities through Indigenous Methodologies and Research-Creation.” Yearbook for Traditional Music 52, 2020: 23–40

Honourable mention

  • Georgia Curran, Linda Barwick, Myfany Turpin, Fiona Walsh, and Mary Laughren. “Central Australian Aboriginal Songs and Biocultural Knowledge: Evidence from Women’s Ceremonies Relating to Edible Seeds.” Journal of Ethnobiology 39(3), 2019: 354–370

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  • Tyler Yamin. “One or Several Gamelan? Perpetual (Re)construction in the Life of a Balinese Gamelan Semara Pagulingan.” Ethnomusicology 63/2 (2019): 357-392.

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