International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

1st Symposium of ICTMD-Nigeria

Symposium Date: 10-12 September 2024

Central Theme: Safeguarding the Nigerian Traditions of Music and Dance – The symposium themes will reflect on the sustainability of the past and present interconnections and differences in Nigeria. The interconnections are bridges of pre-colonial and post-colonial experiences, especially the changing roles of music and dance in reformative practices of intra- and inter-cultural exchange. Some questions that might prompt contributions include: How is music and/or dance as cultural practice interpreted and (re)presented in the modern arena?; How do we teach Nigerian music and dance within the conflicting global politics of representation?; How do we communicate histories attentive to oral as well as written accounts?; How do the global interconnectedness and diaspora communities shape local cultural practices?; Has the functional model in music, dance, and performance been replaced by non-context or ceremonial practices and what do songs do in public and private spaces?

Key themes include:

  1. The changing role of Festivals and other international events as a forum for the exchange of culture in the past and present with models of identity and decline in the Nigerian Traditions of Music and Dance.
  2. Music Education, Modernity, and the politics of representation in Nigerian Music and Dance
  3. Reinventing the Nigerian Musical Arts Heritage in the Diaspora: The role of identity, change, and connectivity
  4. The Emergence of Film Music in Nigeria or the Sustainability of Nigerian Music in Nollywood
  5. Music traditions, performance, and technological trends in Nigeria
  6. New Research - This unspecified theme welcomes proposals featuring current research on music and dance, which does not fit into the specified themes.

Presentation Type: Virtual (Online only)

Language: English is the official language of the Symposium.

Symposium Participation Fees: Twenty Thousand Naira (or $20); Ten Thousand Naira (Students Only)

Keynote Presenter: Executive Board Member of ICTMD Tan Sooi Beng

Important dates

  • Abstract submission deadline: 31 March 2024
  • Notification of acceptance (with or without revision): 30 April 2024

Presentation formats

  • Individual papers (20+10 minutes) grouped according to themes
  • Panels (three or four papers, including that of the coordinator, 90 or 120 minutes)
  • Video/Film presentations (10+5 minutes)

Format of the Abstract or Proposal

  • Name
  • Institutional affiliation or other professional references
  • Email address
  • Topic (indicate subtheme)
  • Abstract: (max. 300 words for individual proposals, and 150 words for video/film descriptions)3

Membership and Participation

The Program Committee will only consider proposals by current members of the ICTMD in good standing for 2024. Membership application forms are available on the ICTMD website @ For membership questions, contact the ICTMD Secretariat at

Those who wish to join ICTMD but are unable to owing to “unavoidable economical, financial, or other constraints” are invited to apply for supported memberships (

Proposed Programme Highlights

Day 1: Tuesday 10 September 2024

Opening Formalities (Christian Onyeji, and Svanibor Patten)

Keynote Presentation (Tan Sooi Beng - Executive Board member)

Lead Paper Presentation (Marie Agatha Ozah)

(Before the Presentations) The Nigerian Culture: Sight and Sound (A Video

Documentary of 15 minutes)

Panel Discussion: Trajectories of the Nigerian Music and Dance (Chair/Panelists)

Day 2: Wednesday 11 September 2024 (Plenary - Morning, Afternoon and Evening)

Roundtable: Publishing and Visibility (After Tea Breaks)

Roundtable: Mentorship, Impact Factor Journals (Open and Closed Access) and Predatory Journals

Day 3: Thursday 12 September 2024 (Plenary - Morning, Afternoon and Evening)

Roundtable: Post-Doctoral Studies and Grants (After Tea Breaks)

Roundtable: Critical Thinking and Reflections on Nigerian Musical Arts and Culture

Closing Formalities (Marie Agatha Ozah, and Christian Onyeji)4

Modes of Presentation

A variety of presentation modes are possible, and participants are encouraged to carefully consider which mode of presentation will work best to present their ideas. You may only present once during the symposium. If participants have any questions about the suitability of a proposal, please contact the Programme Co-Chairs and ask for assistance.

The possible modes of presentation are:

(A) Individual Paper

(B) Interactive Presentation

(C) Student Paper Presentation

(D) Roundtable

(E) Video/Film Presentation

Individual Paper Presentation

The length of an individual paper presentation will be 20 minutes and 10 minutes (Q&A). Co-authorship (joint presentation) is allowed and encouraged.

Interactive Individual Presentation

This format is interactive and provides an opportunity for participants to learn from experienced scholars, and to enhance their understanding of the presentation through active engagement. This format also offers experienced presenters an opportunity to share their wealth of knowledge in their studies and how they communicate their materials. The time allowed for this format is one hour for each presentation.

Student Paper Presentation

Students are invited to present their current research/projects. Student paper presentations have a minimum length of 10 minutes. Student researchers can also join organized panels and roundtables.


The Programme Committee will set up presentations in the form of panels: sessions that are planned, coordinated, and prepared by them on specific topics or issues.


A roundtable session will be organised by the Programme Committee. The aim is to generate discussion between members of the roundtable, each of whom presents questions, issues, and/or material on the preselected unifying theme of the roundtable. The discussion, at the Chair's discretion, may open into a more general discussion with the audience.

Video/Film Presentation

The presentation should be a maximum of 15 minutes in duration and should engage critically with the medium. Key material for viewing should be preselected. At the discretion of the Programme Committee, new videos of longer duration may be accommodated in a regular session (as described above) or may be proposed for other viewing times.

N/B: Individual, Student, and Video/film presentations must be pre-recorded and sent to the Programme Committee for playback.

ICTMD-Nigeria Symposium Planning Committee (ICTMD-NSPC).

  1. Ukeme Akpan Udoh (Chairman)
  2. Felicia Ezeugwu (Member)
  3. Rita Sunday-Kanu (Member)
  4. Samuel Ajose (Member)
  5. Omotolani Ebenezer Ekpo (Member)
  6. Ifeanyi Onyedika Okafor (Member)
  7. Ihechi Achom (Secretary)